The memorial for Mine Ener

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Dear Editor,

As an alumnus of Villanova (G&S 88,90) was surprised and saddened at the negative press concerning a memorial for professor Ener.

Living in Minnesota, I have followed this story from the midwest back to the university at the time of this tragedy.

Professor Ener was obviously ill when she took the life of her child and subsequently herself. Where is the Christian compassion towards this woman? If she would have been suffering from a physical illness would the response have been so negative?

The events surrounding the events which lead to the loss of two lives is one no one can truly understand. The values taught at Villanova Univerity reflect compassion for other, especially those less fortunate. It is only fitting then, that this human, despite all her suffering, be remembered by the University. Despite the protests, I am proud that my alma mater chose a fitting tribute to this woman.


Dr. Cindy L. Boyer 88,90