Remove the Memorial to Murder

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To the Editor:

I was of course delighted to learn of our Men’s basketball team’s recent triumph over Kansas. But not nearly as pleased to see Villanova’s name make the news only a few days later as the site of a memorial to a…well, a murderer.

Despite all the explanations offered by advocates, I really can’t understand how the university let this happen. Do you lose all concept of right and wrong the higher you climb up the administrative ladder? Something’s clearly amiss at dear old VU.

But its not just jaw-droppingly outrageous, its fully hypocritical. When I attended Villanova in the 80s, the new sports arena was named the “DuPont Pavilion” in honor of its donor, bazillionaire John E. DuPont III. But not too long after Mr. DuPont lost his mind and murdered an Olympic wrestler training at the university under his patronage, the sports facility dropped the DuPont name.

I’d suggest that Mr. DuPont did more for Villanova than this professor did although the university certainly doesn’t need to celebrate either. I leave it to the VU students to stand up for common decency and work quickly toward removing this stain on our school’s otherwise fine reputation.

Gary Alvino, C&F ’88Arlington, VA