Dr. Ener Memorial

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As a former student of Dr. Mine Ener, I was deeply saddened to learn that the university has removed the plaque that was placed in Falvey Library as a memorial to this amazing professor. During my four years at Villanova, I had the privilege of taking two classes with Dr. Ener, and found her to be a great professor and wonderful mentor. To say that memorializing this brilliant woman devalues the sanctity of human life, as the e-mail sent to alumni states, is to suggest that her legacy is defined only by mental illness and its tragic results.

Dr. Ener was so vibrant and full of life, and an incredible educator who deserves to be memorialized at the university she at which she taught for years. Because of her compassion and knowledge, many students, myself included, have a much greater understanding of the history of the Middle East and religious diversity of the world. I learned the historical context of many of the current events of today, but most significantly, I learned how intolerance and ignorance have caused conflicts between cultures throughout history. To define her legacy solely on a mental illness is to ignore the many great accomplishments that Dr. Ener made in her life and to be intolerant of mental illness in our society. One of the core virtues of Christianity is forgiveness, and as a Catholic university, we should collectively reach beyond the tragic loss of Dr. Ener and her daughter, and focus on a woman who taught and touched many at Villanova, instilling in us the very principles our university stands for. It devalues her life and shows the intolerance of the Villanova community to remove the memorial plaque by defining Dr. Ener’s legacy on her tragic final weeks.

Meghan KlaricClass of 2004