Knabb editorial

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I am writing in response to Mr. Knabb’s editorian in the February 11 edition.

Thank you, Mr. Knabb.

Your eloquent words truly reflect the Christian philosophy of Villanova University. Compassion should come before everything, especially judgment.

As an alumni, I was horrified by the media’s intrusion into the Ener memorial. I was even more horrified by the University’s decision to remove the Ener plaque. I felt that they too have forgotten compassion before judgment.

I am so pleased to see current students still understand this idea and can see a person for everything they were, not just for one thing they did. If we were all judged by the one horrible mistake we made in life, who would be left? I am reminded of the Gospel teaching “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Again, thank you Mr. Knabb for your kind, compassionate, non-judgmental perspective on Dr. Ener.

Stephanie MechmannBS Secondary Education, 1999