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What has happened to Spring Break?! redefines how to connect with other traveling students.

SAN DIEGO February 12, 2005 — Gone are not the endless sun and hedonistic fun of the traditional Spring Break. Students continue to migrate south for a week’s worth of sandy beach and unrestrained relaxation. But for every barely-clad body in Daytona Beach and Panama City this year, there’ll be a free-spirit embarking on an alternative Spring Break, perhaps in Thailand or performing community service in Mexico. Yes, this alternative/volunteer tourism is indeed a growing trend.

Today’s savvy co-eds are simply thinking outside of the box. Consequently, Spring Break is getting a cosmopolitan make-over. In the ever-shrinking world of an ever-growing demand for connectivity, ( has its finger on the pulse. A global network of travelers, party-goers, and adventurers, this website connects people from different campuses or continents to plan the mid-semester reprieve, whether it’s at Breckinridge or Cancun.

After all, Spring Break is about three things: fun, travel, and people. With, get to know other Lake Havasu Spring-Breakers from campuses nationwide, and arrange a drink or two together before even leaving the textbooks behind. Immerse in the Spanish culture for a week by finding a local Barcelona student to reveal the subtle nuances of the cuisine, language, and lifestyle. Whether traditional or alternative, it’s all possible through Boasting a network that reaches out to 85 countries, and counting, it is the ultimate venue to fully actualize, maximize, and personalize the Spring Break adventure.


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