Response to Septa R5 /SGA involvement

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I was quite upset after reading the article about the SEPTA situation last week. As a committee chair person for the SGA Campus Improvement Team it is my responsibility for what is being done about the R5 train station. I take great pride in what my committee members, our SGA leaders, and myself are doing to rectify the problem. As many of you know the Septa train station on West campus is in poor condition. At the beginning of last semester we took it upon ourselves to continue the efforts that Jon Ambrose started last school year, which was to make a change in both the appearance and safety of the facility. Our first steps including taking surveys as to what needed to be done. We then set out to gain petitions from the student body to show how much support we had. Over 800 signatures were obtained. After this, we went to the Agnes Irwin school down on Ithan Ave. Agnes Irwin is an all girls elementary/high school that uses the train station each day. Upon our request and meeting, Agnes Irwin has drafted a letter of complaint about the tunnel that we will deliver to SEPTA. Other committee members are in contact with Radnor Township about how we can obtain more security for our students. Our greatest success so far is that we have a member of our committee,Paul Karagiannis, who got us in touch with a Pennsylvania state senator. The senator was then able to direct us to the chairman of SEPTA. Frank Brogna, who has done so much to help our group, has a packet that we created and are in the process of sending pictures, petitions, service recommendations, proposals, and other information we have to the chairman. What was written in the Villanovan about SGA, particularly my subcommittee, not doing anything was very upsetting. We are making great progress and are working diligently to solve the SEPTA train station problem. Mike Lyon,our chairman,has done so much and keeps us always on top of things. What was written is a slap in the face to all of his time and effort that he has given to the school this year. Finally,I am opposed to the idea of having SGA associated with the GPSA. SGA is Villanova’s student government. It is not St. Joe’s, U Penn’s, Drexel’s, or any other schools’. If the people who are in favor of having Villanova join the GPSA then they should create a different organization on campus that would represent it. The Villanova community should know that many good people are working hard to make this campus better and are succeeding. Those who question our desire,ability,effectiveness,and accomplishments should come to our meetings and see what we do and how we do it. Maybe then they will see the work that is being done.