Mine Ener…the controversy rolls on

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“They believe that ignorance fueled the backlash about the Ener memorial at Villanova.” -A.P.–ignorance??? If we believe the words of the associated press, there is little doubt that the family of Mine Ener suffers from depression not far removed from her own…after all the condition, of depression, has significant genetic continuity amongst those who experience it. I assert that the family members, who have charged Villanova with this lack of understanding, also suffer from some degree of denial. This is signified by their aforementioned assertion that the Villanova community suffers from ‘ignorance’–by our choosing to remove the plaque which adorned the ‘Falvey study hall of depression’ and instead labeling a psychological symposium in her honor, a far more fitting honor. After all, Mine Ener was a professor; and fittingly, she deserves to be remembered and learnt from, as she was in life…not memorialized in the corner of a dusty study area.