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Move over Harry Potter,Natty Shortfellow is Here!

Mays Landing, NJ – While you wait for the release of the next installment in the series about the boy wizard, get to know Natty Shortfellow, a normal, 16-year-old boy who discovers a crystal in the park where he and his grandfather used to walk. The crystal takes him to a mysterious, wonderful place called The Land where he meets many wonderfully-different people and where he must battle evil.

Natty Shortfellow: Destiny Revealed, published by Publish America, is the first book in the Natty Shortfellow series. This edge-of-the-seat adventure will keep you turning pages whether you’re a pre-teen or an adult.

“Is Natty dreaming or has the crystal that he found really taken him to another world?” the book jacket states. “Natty isn’t sure, but he doesn’t have a chance to figure it out, as he must escape from the darkness of Skull Mountain before teeth-gnashing man-monsters tear him apart. Then, at the Temple Village, he is called Nasto and told that he is The Land’s savior and that an evil being called The Great Darkness wants to use the crystal to destroy this strange and wonderful world. So Natty must journey back to Skull Mountain and take the crystal from The Land. Joining him on this journey are a Yoelivan, two Guiders, a giant, and a princess. Natty meets many good people, but he and his companions also battle Minions, a double-headed sea serpent, and other evil creations of The Great Darkness.”

The book’s author, Ed Leszczynski, Jr., created Natty Shortfellow at the urging of his daughter and son, who figured that since dad was a writer he could make up a bedtime story rather than just read one of their books to them. It wasn’t long before Leszczynski realized that this was a good story for a book. Natty’s first adventure in The Land flowed from Leszczynski’s imagination and became Destiny Revealed. As he neared the end of this book, Leszczynski realized that Natty’s experiences and challenges in The Land were too numerous for just one book. So as you enjoy Natty Shortfellow: Destiny Revealed you can anticipate reading the other books in the series.

Natty Shortfellow: Destiny Revealed, the book that could be this summer’s ‘must read’, is available through your local bookstore (ISBN : 1-4137-4577-6) or through the Internet at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Borders.com or PublishAmerica.com. Visit www.NattyShortfellow.com to learn more about the book, read a Q&A with Ed Leszczynski, Jr., and learn about his other works.