Trade Your Friends

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There’s a slight sneer on your lips because you suspect you’re getting a story pitch, a sneer that says, “I am too seriously awesome for this worthless, acid-sucking, brain-damagedstory idea.” Exactly. Come investigate the worst Website of all time.

It’s It’s like thefacebook except with a wicked twist: Instead of just networking with friends at Villanova University, you TRADE your friends for hotter, smarter ones. Yes, it’s heartless. Yes, it’s the Anti-Friendster. Yes, it’s evil trading your buddies for a hotter set, but Catch27 is packed with a punch of pure 127% guilty pleasure.

Your social life is a game. Right? You may as well play it.

This April, is holding a TRADE YOUR FRIENDS FOR CHARITY competition. College students and campus organizations (fraternities, sororities, clubs) will compete for a $10,000 grand prize——-$5000 to be given to the winner’s charity of choice. The winner also receives an additional $5,000 to throw a rockin’ party.

College students and campus organizations can match wits with (er, try to stomp) the competition by inviting friends to join their packs on the website. The goal is to create the largest pack of friends on the site AND then to trade some of those friends for cooler/hotter/funnier ones. Players get double points for putting together packs of 27 player cards of the same theme——i.e., 27 blondes winking their belly button rings; 27 people drinking out of Starbucks cups, etc. The individual or organization accumulating the largest number of points by the deadline, wins $10,000——$5,000 for the charity of their choice . . . and though doing good is it’s own reward, they will also receive $5,000 for their own spectacular selves or organization. The contest begins at 12:01a.m April 4th and ends at 11:59 p.m. April 30th. Register on the site at

Enough of the pitch, let me give the DL. My name is Lindsey Johnson, Stanford graduate, and Director of Campus PR for This site offers a way for college students and young professionals to connect with their peers, THEIR way. It’s a fun, no b.s. way to meet new people, but with that fiendish twist.(You can also BUY friends at Catch27—–3 for 99 cents. Which makes it about three times more addicting than thefacebook with all its terribly, you know, all its Ooooo Ooooo Ooo well-behaved people with their lists of classes and favorite movies.) The best part is, if you’re really good at collecting and trading friends, you’ll be rewarded with that $10,000 grand prize!

I’d like you to check out the site. www.Catch27.comIt was created by E. Jean Carroll, the veteran advice columnist for Elle magazine, Esquire journalist and SNL writer. Everyone has a devilish desire to play the social game with no regrets. Now they can! College students can hook up AND send bags of cash to their favorite charity!

Lindsey Johnson Director Campus PR 650-248-7175 [email protected]