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If you are looking for free MP3 music downloads for your new Ipod, localsinger/songwriter, Alex Kash has a selection of four for you. “As anindependent musician I feel it is really important to get my music outthere.”, says three-time award winning singer/songwriter, Alex Kash. “It’s away for people to get to know more about the acoustic music I do.” Recentlyrelocated from California, Alex has been a songwriter on two differentmulti-platinum CDs, and has appeared on numerous recordings by major artistsinternationally. He began as a professional musician at the age of 13,working in bands as a lead singer and guitarist. In the last few years, Alexbroke away to make his first three solo CDs which included fullinstrumentation, but fans kept requesting a CD of what he did in his liveperformances, which was solo singing with a 12-string acoustic guitar. Theresult is his new CD, “Learning to Love” released in October. “I am veryhappy with this CD because it is what I spent my life doing…music andlearning to love. When you are a creative person