Culmination of our basketball season

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Tragedy overshadows triumph… One from the Fans

In a game where Villanova fans might rather have seen Pat Driscoll on the court, it didn’t turn out as planned. Allen Ray’s desperation heroics were called back on the most subjective call of the tournament thus far. But after what Villanova has gone through this year with West Virginia, Connecticut, and Georgetown, we have been taught not every call goes in our favor, and that’s the way it goes. The night played out to be everything the crowd paid for and more, minus a win by the Wildcats. But in all of this no one took a time to look around and see where we were. Villanova entered the Sweet 16 for the first time since 1988, in front of the largest campus crowd of more than 30,000 people, playing one of the best teams in the nation. This is the same team that started the season with a loss to Temple. Home games were selling out for the first time in the careers of many seniors. Fans stuck by the side of the team as far as Nashville. When the Wildcats drove back to campus after their wins in the first two rounds, they were greeted by fans staked outside at 2:30 in the morning much to the surprise of all of the players. Villanova had a season that everyone can look back and smile on, despite it not matching the result of the 1985 season. Looking back on the season in much more than Sweet 16 disappointment; it’s victories over Kansas and Boston College. It’s Kyle Lowry’s defense transforming to instant offense. It’s Alan Ray and Curtis Sumpter combining to have Dick Vitale’s performance of the week against Kansas. It’s Jason Fraser blocking shots with a broken hand, Will Sheridan dunking over Sean May, it’s Randy Foye putting in a miraculous bank shot against Boston College, Mike Nardi’s clutch three point shooting. No one can look back on this season and say that it wasn’t great, fun, and pride provoking. Win or lose, it is not heartbreak that should be on the mind of all of us, it should be pride and satisfaction. We were there, and no one thought we would be outside of ourselves. Jay Wright and company put together a team whose t-shirts can be seen around campus everywhere, as much as collared shirts even. So it isn’t a loss that summarizes our season, it’s a pride filled joyride for our team and fans raising eyebrows around the nation.