Victoria’s Secret Ad

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Dear Editor,

As a Catholic university, I feel you have a responsibility to support the morals and values of the Church. In the most recent on-line issue (April 8) there is an ad from Victoria’s Secret which rates men from spring break trips.

Although your intention in running this ad may be one of humor, as a parent of a Villanova student, Ifind an ad from Victoria’s Secret to be inappropriate to the mission of the University. Allowing this type of advertising sends a message that is totally contrary to Catholic morals and values. It degrades the men in the photos, robbing them of their humanity and dignity.

With all the problems in the world, your paper could be a wonderful forum for ads from community service organizations and other information regarding the less fortunate people in the world and how we as a society can help to improve their standard of living.

Thank you for your consideration of this letter.


Louise Plentus