Search for Common Ground (international NGO) Seeks Student Writers for International News Wire

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Dear Editor,

We would like to bring to your attention a professional opportunity for your fellow journalists to be published in a new international news service which reaches over 2,000 subscribers, including many policy-makers, academics, and politicians involved in Western-Islamic relations.

I am writing from Search for Common Ground (, a non-governmental organization seeking to transform the way the world deals with conflict. We are seeking partners and student journalists interested in contributing to a Youth Views column on Western-Islamic relations as part of a larger news service on Western/Islamic relations. We are particularly interested in writers who would be interested in collaborating with an Arab student to tackle assignments, as our organization’s mission is sponsoring dialogue and the exchange of perspectives.

Search for Common Ground distributes balanced and solution-oriented articles by local and international experts to promote constructive perspectives and encourage dialogue about current Middle East issues through our Common Ground News Service ( The news service has over 12,000 subscribers and its articles have been re-printed in a number of Middle East newspapers as well as some American media.

A new service of Common Ground News, called the Partners in Humanity New Service, commissions and re-publishes articles on broader Islamic/Western relations. We have a Youth Views column for which we are seeking contributions from student journalists. Eventually we intend to form a youth editorial board to guide the topics for the column and develop dialogue programs between student newspaper editors in the Arab world and the United States, such as the cross-cultural education program we run in partnership with Soliya which allows Arab and American student leaders to enter into dialogue with one another over the Internet using videoconferencing technology. (

We also offer re-publication of Common Ground News and Common Ground News-Partners in Humanity articles to all media outlets free of obligation. These are high-quality, professionally written articles which are completely free of re-publication restrictions and provided at no cost. If you do decide to re-publish an article, please acknowledge the Common Ground News Service and the original source (if applicable), and please let us know when you publish it.

We hope you will publicize this opportunity with your writers and consider turning to Common Groud News for balanced, solution-oriented information about the Middle East and broader Western-Islamic relations.

We have some attachments we would like to send you with more information on the program. If any of your writers are interested, please have them contact me at [email protected].

—————————————Chris BinkleyPartners in HumanitySearch for Common Ground1601 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite #200Washington, DC 20009 USAPh: +1(202)265-4300 Fax: +1(202)[email protected]