My first professor

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Dear Editor – can you please find out how many years Dr. Pohlhaus has spent at VU? Thanks, that’d be great…Dr. Lafferty or Dr. Barbara Wall will know…feel free to edit this – but it’d be great if you can print it in the next issue. Good luck with the remainder of your term. Sounds like you had an exciting SGA election.

Go Cats.

Patrick Kennedy’95———————-

Dear Villanovan,

After __ years of serving the Villanova University community – most notably in the classroom, Dr. Gaile Pohlhaus (Religious Studies & Women’s Studies) will walk through the commencement line one last time this May.

It is a bittersweet moment for the University. On one hand the community congratulates Dr. Pohlhaus for her years of tireless service to students, to the Villanova Quality Initiative, to the Women’s Studies movement, to the Center for Peace & Justice and to the overall betterment of the University community. On the other hand, there’s now a huge void to fill. Who will carry her banner?

On a personal level, I am disappointed that Villanova students will no longer be able to receive the exceptional and progressive teachings of Dr. Pohlhaus. She was this overwhelmed midwesterner’s salvation during the transition from adolescent to adult. Her inspiration, her guidance, her wisdom and her compassion all helped me move towards becoming an informed, educated and Christ-like adult. Her personal attention showed me that Villanova was a caring community. These traits and so many more were results of my mentor: Gaile Pohlhaus. It was thanks to her leadership and inspiration that I became involved in Villanova Student Life – and it is her inspiration as a social justice advocate that I became more committed to leading a Christian Lifestyle.

Thank you, Dr. Pohlhaus. You showed me how to lead a be a follower of Christ’s teachings and a leader in the pursuit of altruistic goals. Further, you showed Villanova how to be a community in the truest sense.

While your flame at Villanova will now be carried forth by one of your contemporaries, thanks to you, I will carry the flame of Augustine and Christ in my life – as will the hundreds and hundreds of students who were graced with your wisdom and love.

Patrick Kennedy ’95Student Body President 1993-1995