‘Villanova alumni to volunteer in inner-city chicago schools”

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Greetings from Chicago!I’m not sure of how the Villanovan goes about getting its stories, but I wanted to bring a potential story about two alumni to your attention as you plan your pieces for the coming year.

Ashley Slipicka(’05)and Nina Diemer (’04) are both participating in a unique, post-grad service program called the Inner-City Teaching Corps. The ICTC program seeks top college graduates from all majors to volunteer as teachers in inner-city schools in Chicago for two years. Volunteers are not paid a salary, and live in faith-based communities of 6-10 teachers, embracing the four living realities of “Teaching as Service”, “Simple Living”, “Faith-based Community”, and “Spirituality”. Over the past 14 years, ICTC has worked with over 23,000 under-served students in Chicago schools, and provided over 1 million dollars in scholarship aid to these families. More information can be found on our website, www.ictc-chicago.org.

If this is a story that is of interest, please let me know. Ashley, Nina, and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have, and would appreciate the opportunity to inspire other young people towards service in their communities.


Assistant Director, Inner-City Teaching Corps(773)265-7244