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So this morning I decided I should check my NOVA email now that I have graduated and see if any of my friends had sent and updates and I was pleased to see that I still get the Villanovan online. So during lunch at my desk, yes I do have a job, I opened the Villanovan email and proceeded to read each article, working from the top down. I soon reached the article titled “Welcome to Bubbletown, PA” and I anxiously began to read. I soon established that this article was going to take pot shots at people whom the author refers to “trust-fund babies.” I have no issue with and I fully understand the scale on which many Villanovans live and recognize the surrounding areas and resulting situations, i.e. Cartier and Verasce stores in the mall and Algar Ferrari and Maserati on Lancaster Avenue. However at no point did I determine that ALL Villanova students or graduates fit the mold so graphically described and laid out by the author Amy Durazo. Ms. Durazo continued to take the liberty to write a little rhyme which can be found below:If you don’t pop your collar, your life isn’t worth a dollar.Unless you own a Blackberry or Sidekick, you’re probably a silly hick.Blow a few lines every now and then, and you won’t need to exercise ever again.Aren’t carrying tons of cash? You must be a real jackass.And finally…If you can relate to some or all of these, its time to reassess your priorities.

At first I smiled at the “pop your collar comment” and then I cam across the line that refers to cocaine use. Now I am not oblivious to what goes on throughout college campuses, HOWEVER I do not find it appropriate nor funny to make comments and acquisitions of such drug use that engulf all VILLANOVANS and moreover to publish them in a University sponsored publication. My intention is not to impede on free speech however the medium used in this case was completely inappropriate as it circulates not only on campus but it finds it way off campus as well. And if your answer to my concerns has something to do with the fact that Villanovan is for the students then you should remember that everyday and night Villanovan Students struggle to deal with the surrounding community, whether it is in the form of noise violations, parking tickets, citations, even the resistance to new University facilities. Oh by the way, new facilities are a good thing for students past, present and future in some way or another. I hope that those responsible for not only writing the article or editing the Villanovan, but also the faculty member(s) whom reside over it realize the consequence of this article and other articles like this. For the first time EVER I am ashamed to say I went to Villanova.