Interview Filmaker David Lynch

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Hey! Do you have an arts and entertainment editor? Mr. Lynch will be a featured speaker at a free lecture at Penn on Sept 28th. He will be joined by a group of scientists, including Penn’s own leading brain researcher, Dr. Andrew Newburg. All will be presenting on the theme of “Consciousness, Creativity, and the Brain.”

Mr. Lynch is lecturing on major campuses to launch a new foundation to help students overcome the negative effects of stress through the use of meditation.

I hope that you will consider doing an article prior to the lecture to help inform the University community of this event. I can send you a press release for the event and I will be happy to organize an interview with Mr. Lynch and any of the scientists.

Call me asap.

Mr. Lynch rarely speaks in public. This lecture presents a rare opportunity to directly experience this remarkable American filmaker. This talk is being sponsored by SPEC Film, SPEC Connaissance, Fox Leadership, and Cinema Studies at Penn.

You can reach me at 202-714-9949

All the best,

Mario Orsatti

P.S. Here are a couple of links to recent interviews in and the TIMES of London about Mr. Lynch and this unique initiative:,,8123-1760942_1,00.html