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You know, you read an article titled “Partying with the grownups, sans funnels and Jell-O shots” and little do you realize that you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. What I saw was only the visible layer of a submerged pile of relentless, incoherent, selfish ramblings that come to be known as “Opinion” within the confines of The Villanovan. Yes, I do speak of that article with disdain and more so of its author, a certain Amy Durazo, whose personality and values leave something to be desired.

To begin with, in your attempt to create commentary on the plight that countless numbers of college seniors go through every year, you have done nothing to create any insight into what a post-graduate lifestyle encompasses. Instead you created a mockery, an article filled with generalizations and slang in order to compensate for the narrow minded reality that you experience on a daily basis. Let’s get one thing straight Amy: just because you don’t see how students “become grownups” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen…or that it takes a job/pet/relationship to happen. I understand that this is just an opinion, but opinions help us formulate character. If your opinions are any indication of character, you have a lot to work on.

To start, I’m barely willing to get past your use of slang. With phrases like “ohmygosh” and “friggin'” your name shouldn’t have a place in a published college newspaper. However, its your general tenor throughout, one that reeks of spoiled, annoying, college student that disturbs me the most. Amy, you deem your parent’s party “gross” but your charming dad took shots of tequila while “mature parents” chugged straight from the bottle. You probably felt right at home. Or maybe you needed your drunken sorority sisters, and ogling boys to be there to root you on. It occurs to me that your mind must be so diluted by the college experience, that you can’t even fathom life after college despite its impending reality. I bet you enjoy going to bars during the week, for cheap beer and kicks. I bet the only family you really care about is your Kappa Kappa Gamma “family”; a term used loosely for a group of similarly minded, overdressed sheep. I bet there are numerous nights and probably days from your college career in which you have no recollection of, due to the excessive amount of drinking you do. Finally, I bet you don’t even look at any of these things in a negative light. Your answer would probably be “I’m in college! I’m supposed to have fun and do what I want!” Which leads me to my next point.

After some digging, I realize Ms. Durazo has committed similar transgressions in the past. Lest we forget her use of stunning prose in the April 1 article “Springing into fashion” where she addressed the season’s “hottest spring fashions!” Until now I never realized how empty my life was until I read how important “chunky jewelry” is and how much of a necessity “flowery tops” are. Furthermore, her words speak volumes in the April 29 article, “Doing fine without Mom and Dad,” a 714 word pile of happy horse crap. Amy? The only reason you’re going to school is because Daddy said you have to and all the popular people were doing it. If you slack off he’ll take away the payments on your new car, or cut you out of the will, or some other yuppie induced threat. Let me guess, you’re probably from Long Island too?

Finally, I don’t think you’ll ever grow up. There are plenty of people in the world (not just usually male) who refuse to take life and the situations it throws at you with any sense of maturity. So “in twenty years, when you’ve grown up and produced a few offspring” you’ll still be dressing the same, talking the same, and most likely acting the same way as you do now: with a “lack of morals and motivation.” Oh, and don’t forget to grab the salt while you’re up!

Tom GeloClass of 2004