Response to Welcome to Bubbletown

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Regarding the article by Amy Durazo, ‘Welcome to Bubbletown’, I just wanted to offer a few insights. I can most certainly appreciate where Amy is coming from; Villanova certainly displays a large number of high end clothing consumers who have a lot more money than the average American. I for one became much more inclined to designer clothing over my four years at Villanova, but I believe its a gross stereotype to assume that this is the majority of Villanovans described in Amy’s article.The description Amy offers may simply be the most visible part of Villanova. Like in any other setting shocking or different things draw the most attention. I graduated last May do not own a blackberry, pop my collar, do lines, or carry a great amount of cash, and frankly I can not name one individual I know who fills all those qualities. What I did see was Habitat for Humanity trips, Special Olympic volunteers, and many other students giving to others. Villanova is a far deeper community than people generalize it to be. Villanovans are blessed with many resources that others are not, but it is an inaccurate assumption that as a whole we are a materialistic, self absorbed, and ungiving body. VILLANOVA. IS. REAL. In the real world you meet all types of people and you have to decide whether to see the glass half empty or half full, whether to help others and be proactive or complain and see the world for its failures. I choose to see Villanova as a glass that is more than half full and I think others who choose to really look inside and get involved do as well.