Press Release available for Villanova Symposium November 11

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On November 11, 2005 the 2005 Educators’ Direct Marketing Symposium will take place at Villanova University in the Business School (Bartley Hall) Atrium from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm. The Symposium was originally only open to educators and marketing professionals. However, it has received enough attention that we have decided to open its doors to students. Now we would like to make this special event more public. Direct Marketing is the the direction that advertising is going in the future and students need to know about it in order to reach their full potential in their future fields. Roska Direct Advertising, who is working to promote this event, has written a press release that we would love to have published in The Villanovan a week or so before November 11th. We also have hi-rez head shots for each of the six speakers for the event. The event web-site is Please email me back or call me at 215-699-9200 (X156) and we would love to forward you our pre-written article advertising this Villanova event.