Response to Bubbletown, PA

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To the Editor:

I write in response to Amy Durazo’s “Welcome to Bubbletown, PA” editorial. I believe that the editorial does a grave injustice to the Villanova student body, as well as Villanova’s reputation. Her characterization of the Villanova student is one that is both obnoxious and disrespectful. While it is true that some Villanovans are financially very comfortable, it is downright unfair to make such libelous attacks against their personalities and personal habits. This article, while attempting to be humorous, does little more than create an illegitimate stereotype of the Villanova student – in a newspaper that has a wider scope than many may believe.

In addition to her poor choice of words and accusatory tone, Ms. Durazo implies a major rift between herself and the student body – a rift that only furthers the ineffectiveness of her writing. And in response to her supposed stereotypes of a Villanovan, I wish to point out several of the characteristics that I find to be most appealing and admirable when I think of our student body: – Year after year the Villanova Special Olympics receives national attention for student involvement.- The Villanova Up ’til Dawn student-based program annually raises over $100,000.00 for the ill children of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.- Each semester the students of Villanova embark on various Habitat for Humanity trips to help those less fortunate across our country and hemisphere.- Often when walking through campus, I hear students on their phone talking to Mom or Dad…these kids even call home during the week.

While I might draw upon various other circumstances, I choose not to. I believe that to criticize Villanovans as people that are not ready for the real world is ignorant. To believe Villanovans are incapable of surviving on their own is an unfair assessment; in fact, their own altruistic personalities will serve themselves well in the future. I can not wait to see these members of our community in the future years. These Villanovans will not be relying on Mom and Dad. Rather, they will be using the lessons that Mom and Dad taught them to become Moms and Dads for their own children. And they will do quite well.

Ms. Durazo has missed the entire point of what Villanova has tried to teach us. She has failed to see that all of us Villanovans have the world at our fingertips, and that many of us do a great deal to spread this very different kind of wealth to others. Her words have left a scar on the reputation of the Villanova student body, and I only hope that she take the time to bridge the supposed gap between her and the rest of the students.

After all, the real Villanova students are pretty nice kids.

Jim SmithVillanova ’06