We need a makeover

Christopher Bellotti

Who is the best Madden %07 player out there? Who is the all time champ at BP? Who acts tough but squeals like a pig in the face of adversity?

Almost every guy at Villanova would also be an appropriate description (or at least by clothing style, because I, too, fit the bill).

The Villanova Guy is typical, but it%s every guy%s attempt at being bombastically unique. (By the way, when did hallway destruction and inaccurate puking ever become a fad, or something that seemed appropriate?) Coming to Villanova, I thought I would have intelligent peers who help the community and are open-minded and socially aware enough not to be completely ignorant of responsibility. Yet, instead I see guys who think video games are more important than service. This same constituency is generally selfish and completely ignorant of women when it comes to chivalry, or as some people would prefer to call it, kindness and generosity. Let%s forget style. That is a lost cause. Plaid pants plus a hat over a mop for hair? They invented mirrors and hygiene for a reason.

That being said, meatheads, get your eyes off the mirror in the Stanford gym and look at the paper for just a second, and lose the %roids.

Then there is the Villanova Girl, the easiest person to spot on campus.

You know who I am referring to. She is the type of girl you see on campus who makes you wish one of her heels (because it is necessary to wear heels to class, of course) gets caught in the ground and leaves her lying flat on her face. Meanwhile, her Chanel sunglasses, which take up at least 50 percent of her face, fall off and land in a puddle (or if you are really lucky, break).

It is not wrong to make this assumption because chances are it was raining when she put them on. This was after she burned her hair to a crisp with a straightener. (It is important to note here that this a cold rainy day, which would be appropriate for heels. Uggs would be for warmer weather. Duh.)

It is a beautiful sight: the Fendi poc etbook, the Coach wristlet and the Gucci umbrella all flying through the air. As each designer article hits the ground and gets ruined, your smile widens. Nothing good lasts, however, and Daddy is on speed dial to get newer, uglier and more fashionable models. To top off this turn of events, her knee would be bruised, making it impossible for her to get up from the middle of the Quad.

Then whatever thought processes that happened to be going on inside her head told her to take out her diamond-studded Razor and call medical help. Making it look like she hurt herself, she reasons, will attract people%s attention and sympathy rather than hysterical laughter. -A’ for effort (too bad it may be the only A she ever receives), but alas, it is too late: the majority of Villanova students are too smart for that trick.

The wet ground cleaned off both the 10 layers of make-up and the spray-on tan, leaving you pondering what she applied first, the tan or the make-up. You dismiss it, however, considering that she probably forgot herself. Your next thought was that the removal of the tan actually enhanced her appearance.

No one looks good in orange.

As you finished your most memorable walk through the Quad ever, you wondered how this girl ever got into Villanova in the first place. This ruins the extreme hilarity of the situation because it makes you really angry that such a ditz managed to get into the same school you did.

Are you being mean? Maybe.

Are you right? Absolutely.

The fact of the matter is, if Villanova really wants to improve, diversify and return to its heritage as the school that took in people shunned by society, then this dumb Wildcat breed must be rendered extinct. The real way to improve this campus is to let people of less affluent backgrounds pay half-tuition rather than let this airhead%s father pay the full. At least the less well-off student would be more grateful to go here and thus, be more involved and do more good for the school than an extra 50 thousand could ever do.

With the exception of unnecessary attitudes, both the semi-typical Villanova Guy and Villanova Girl add little to our community. These walking stereotypes detract from Veritas Unitas Caritas, and worse, attract people as worthless as themselves.

Some may think of them as awesome and/or hot; I think they are insipid and unqualified.

I do not advocate for the removal of community members; I do not believe that is the right decision. Nor do I think our community is that bad overall. However, there is a minority of students on campus who have a series of questionable, and superficial, actions. These people need to be replaced, and I mean replaced as an entire group by a more active, spirited and diverse group of students.

We need to target individuals of different demographics and if merited, recruit and accept them. Once here, they should be provided with an environment where they can appreciate multiculturalism and be appreciated. Their voice must be heard because as a group they are generally more active in the community, and this must be recognized.

Villanova needs more culture, not more money. If we want to erase the -Vanilla-nova’ image that the outside has of us, we are going to have accept students who benefit the community on this campus rather than benefit the endowment.

Did I just imply something? You%re darn right I did.

Time to play video games. Speak up, Villanova. Have a magnificent week.