Nova Gossip

Tina Lambsback

Warning: When life gets you so very down, go to a place where all is well again: the gossip column. Yes, you never fail to impress me, Villanova. Just when I think you’re done with your escapades, you sneak behind me like a crazy person, and, well, life just gets back on track. So do the world a favor and keep causing trouble, because that just makes me feel fabulous! And keep it on the TL! Xoxo, ‘Nova’s favorite gossip gal!

“Ringing in the New Year”

So, I know you’re thinking “Ringing in the New Year” begs the idea of bells, holly, and even some mistletoe. Well, I hate to burst your snow globe, but you are totally off!. This past weekend, some juniors felt it necessary to throw a Christmas soirée on West Campus. Here is the deal: juniors and sophomores gathered on Saturday night in one hot apartment. Drinks were served, all of the favorites of course! Then in their drunken stupor, the sophomores decided to stay on West, in fear that walk back to their rooms was just too long. The partiers finally settled in, but the fun didn’t stop there. They thought it fitting to play a game of strip Catch Phrase. Now, I’m not too familiar with Catch Prase, but what I do know about it is that I don’t believe stripping is in the rules. I also would like to just point out that in every game there have to be some losers and some winners, and well, in this case, there were a lot of losers. By the end of the night, everyone who had attended the party was passed out with only bras, underwear and boxers on. Not only were they barely clothed and “barely there,” but they thought it would be necessary to “spoon” with each other. For warmth in the cooler November air I suppose? False. All I have to ask is when did rainy day games become a part of the “Villanova Strip?”

“Formal Frenzy”

Obviously, formals have been in full swing these past couple weeks. The Blue Key and Ambassadors formal this past Thursday was a night to remember according to its participants. However, for some, the way they asked their dates was even more memorable. Two ‘Nova girls took a hint from their favorite show, “Laguna Beach,” and asked their dates in the most creative way possible. So, remember that time when Morgan was asked by the cutest slogan ever, “Of all the fish in the sea … Prom with me?” Sources say that the girlies took hot pink window markers and wrote, “Of all the fish in the sea …” with an arrow pointing to the boy’s room. As both of the boys came back that evening, they found their room decorated with an under-the-sea motif. Blue paper lined the walls and ceiling and oversized fish were strategically placed at eye level. Just past the streamers and fish-fun was a huge fish that read, “Of all the fish in the sea, Blue Key/Ambassadors with me?” Now what respectable boy would turn that kind of cuteness down? Not these fine gentlemen. And so, what have we learned here, cutie pies? Obviously to get wrapped up in the formal frenzy and to have oh so much fun. Enjoy!

“Oh, they were sailin'”

Going with the whole formal theme, this past Friday there was one on the seas! So classy is what I like to say. Right, well, the boy/girl date duo pre-gamed a heavy game. Finally, it was time to head out onto the infamous sea. Everyone was dancing in their formal wear, and times were good, until the couple started to roam. At this point, the show was over. They made their way to the upper level and to the private bar. The boy then spotted the ever-coveted vodka and put the oversized bottle into his pocket. And if you thought one was enough, they took another! Could this opportunity be passed by? No! As they moved back onto the dance floor to get their groove on, a security guard told them to hand over what they stole or they would be arrested once they came back. Reluctantly, they handed over one bottle as the girl danced near the second pocket so no one would notice. Well, it worked, and they were left alone for the rest of the night.

“Short Shorts”

•Keep your pants on. Yeah, that’s what I said. So, apparently the new way to get back at people is to pee on their doors. All I have to say about this is … Classy Villanova … very classy.•Can someone tell me why the Christmas tree in front of Dougherty was lit before the tree lighting ceremony? Crazy? Tell me about it.•Whipped cream fight in St. Clare this past week. Sticky situation? I think so.