Flyers Rush program provides an affordable night of hockey

Brian Sheridan

Villanova students now have an affordable opportunity to attend Philadelphia Flyers home games. Late last month, the “Flyers Rush” program was initiated to give local college students a cheap way to cheer on local hockey.

The program allows students to purchase tickets to any weekday home game for only $25. Seats are located in the mezzanine level and are usually priced between $42 and $58. To obtain the tickets, students must visit the Wachovia Center Box Office the day of the game and present their Wildcard.

“Tapping into the college fan base is extremely important for the Flyers,” said Angela Prendergast of the Flyers marketing team. “College students are a great market that too often gets ignored by the marketing efforts of the sports teams that they love. We recognized that most college students are on a limited budget, and we wanted to give them a chance to get involved in the action of the NHL.”

Since Villanova does not have a varsity hockey program, “Flyers Rush” hopes to fill the void for puck-loving students.

The Flyers have a number of fan-favorite players, and their remaining schedule contains many exciting matchups.

Situated in the NHL’s Atlantic Division, the Flyers play a number of games against many of ‘Nova students’ home teams ranging from Pittsburgh to New York.

Monday night is “Dollar Dog Night” as the Flyers take on the Boston Bruins. This game is part of the program, and organizers hope it will be a economical for students.

Additional information on the “Flyers Rush” program can be found on the Flyers’ official homepage at or the program’s MySpace page at