The Wisecat

Tina Lamsback

Dear Tina,So there’s this guy that I met a little while ago, and we hung out. I then noticed on Facebook that he has a girlfriend, which I thought was a bit strange, but whatever. So then I hang out with this guy, and we hook up, but I asked him about the girlfriend. He replies she’s not really a girlfriend; they’re always too on and off. I had fun with the guy, and I would hang out/hook up again, but I don’t want to be “that girl” that other girls hate. What should I do?Sincerely,Feeling Used

Dear Feeling Used,Does Mary Fiore ring a bell? Hmm … well, in case you don’t know, she was the lead character in the movie, “The Wedding Planner.” While coordinating the top weddings in town, Mary only seems to be attracted to unavailable men. Specifically, she meets this handsome young guy named Steve who is marrying one of her clients. In one of the crucial scenes, he asks her to remember a special time they had in the park and tries to sweep her off her feet. At the end of his spiel, she so eloquently responds, “I’m a magnet for unavailable men, and I’m sick of it.” Unavailable men? Hmm. Mary seems to bring up a good point, Ms. Feeling Used.Used, betrayed, worthless and rejected are what come to mind when I think of how you must feel. I mean, let’s talk a little about Facebook etiquette. I think I speak for the majority of people on Facebook when I say that when a relationship hits the cyber waves of the Facebook page, it clearly indicates the seriousness of the relationship. Besides, there is a “It’s complicated” designation for a reason. I know most of us spend our time getting lost and distracted in the lives of photo albums titled, “Live it up, live it up, baby” and the News Feed that has everyone secretly excited that they joined Facebook. But seriously, the whole ‘Nova Nation knows that when two people are in a romantic relationship, it is only official if it is stated on Facebook. For example, the usual “married” references are funny and, for the most part, just a joke. However, when a male and a female list each other as being in a relationship on their profiles, this means they are in one! It seems pretty straightforward, right? Clearly not for this boy.Okay, so let’s get this straight; he basically is fooling around with your Facebook emotions, if you really think about it. I know some people don’t take the Web site so seriously, and for the most part, I’m being sarcastic; however, do you mean to tell me that he was actually thinking about playing you for a fool? Oh wait! I’m sorry, he did. If they are in a relationship on the Web site, there is no room to play limbo here, kids! All I have to say is you’re not being “that girl”; you found out early enough to push pause on the remote. If you ask me, he’s being “that guy” for thinking it’s okay to hook up with another girl when he has a girlfriend, no matter how on or off they are. And I mean, let’s face it, nobody wants “that guy.” And nobody wants to be a magnet for unavailable men!XOXO,Tina