‘Nova gossip

Tina Lamsback

WARNING: I’M BACK! Love me or hate me … I’m clearly still an obsession! The first full weekend of the ’07-’08 school year has come to an end, and the talk of summer is still buzzing. If your head was in a toilet the whole summer from too many bevs … well, that just sucks. If you hit up the shore or studied abroad … then you clearly made a mark on the summer. And here’s to the sun and the sand and a drink in my hand – a toast to the classiest campus around! Read up on summer fun and the first-week-of-school antics! Keep it on the TL! XOXO, ‘Nova’s Fav Gossip Gal.

“Will D. Cat goes RA?”This summer, our very own Will D. Cat tried to conceal his identity from not only the Villanova community but also from the rest of the population of his hometown. For his summer job, our friend Will worked at a summer camp. When it came time to go to mascot camp, he thought it would be appropriate to tell his coworkers that he was attending RA training. The only weird thing about this “lie” is that usually RAs have training for a week and then start school right away. Will thought nothing of it. He would head back to work the following week and just say Villanova’s training was a little different than other schools. Well, false! His cover was blown when a fellow mascot friend was chatting with his boss the following week and said that he saw Will at mascot camp. Poor Will! At least Will’s other wildcats don’t know who he is!

“Barce-Walk-O-Shamo”Only a few months ago, our study abroad program shipped fabulous Villanova students off to Barcelona, where they spent their weeks learning about the language and culture. Oh, and did I mention the social life, too? Well, rumor has it that the Barce study-abroaders headed out to celebrate a day of birth. They partied all night and then headed back to the hotel of the boys with whom they were canoodling. As they finished up their snug session and became sober, they also came to the realization that the metro was now back up and running to take them home. They boarded the Metro at 7 a.m. in their skimpy outfits, smelling like old cigarettes and alc. The stares were endless. The looks could kill. Classy by night, not so classy by day. As the fashion victim recounted, apparently the Barce culture allows this kind of dress at night, but during the day, they become Conservative Connies. Needless to say, they were suspected to be “ladies of the night” if you know what I mean. Obvi they were appalled!

“Short Shorts”•Someone tell the WildCard Gods to make sure we can all swipe into all of our respective class’ residence halls. Why is it some people can get into certain buildings that their class lives in … and then the other places they cannot?•Parking police are looking for you! Apparently tickets have been issued all over the place. West Campus residents moved in last week with barely any place to park. As they made their own parking spots (prob not the best idea), they were ticketed even though the period of ticketing should not have started yet! In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude!”•Lastly, on a fashion note … the skunk look is out. Please don’t dye your hair dark on the bottom half and blonde on the top. Leave that for the animals. Thanks! Love you!