Major fashion lines go green

Maria Bobila

When we hear the word organic, what comes to mind is probably food. “Going green” is usually linked with recycling and saving energy. But we can also be environmentally conscious of what we wear. Our society has gone green in almost every possible way. One of the most interesting eco-friendly movements can be found within the fashion industry. Don’t get the idea that an organic piece of clothing is made out of hemp and presented in unflattering, nature-inspired colors because established designers and brand new clothing lines are creating trendy and beautiful pieces that fashionistas adore and appreciate.One of the most recognized “green” fashion lines around is Loomstate, which started in 2004 hoping to create an organic fashion empire. According to eco-friendly fashion standards, organic clothing must be made from organic raw materials without the use of pesticides. The clothing may also be made from recycled textiles and does not involve harmful chemicals or bleaches for color. Also, organic clothing is fair-trade certified, so the makers of this clothing are based in a socially and environmentally acceptable workplace. You can find Loomstate as well as other eco-friendly clothing brands on the GreenLoop’s Web site ( Purchase some of your own green fashion pieces like Edun’s galaxy print, spaghetti-strap, empire-waist dress ($240) and Peligrosa’s organic wool pea coat ($330).For the holidays, Barneys is going green. With its campaign slogan, “Give Good Green,” the luxury department store’s entire window display, designed by Creative Director Simon Doonan, presents holiday traditions made out of recycled products, such as Rudolph the Recycled Reindeer made of soda cans and recycled paper for snow. The store’s “Green Holiday” catalog includes numerous environmentally conscious gift ideas for men, women, children and home. Selections are surprising because they are not limited to clothes and accessories. Some Barneys favorites include Christian Louboutin’s Ballerina Flats ($510) and Timothy Han’s Mini Candle Set ($95) made of organic soy wax. But Barneys isn’t the only place that has gone green. Stores like TopShop and H&M have chosen to contribute to organic fashion with stylish pieces at affordable prices. Famous designers like Thakoon and Stella McCartney are also getting into the green movement by creating exclusive eco-friendly lines.With the fashion industry getting so involved in working for a better environment, now it’s your turn to save the planet in style. Go green and buy a few pieces that are organically chic. You’ll be helping the environment and looking good at the same time. What’s better than that?