Nudy’s Cafe, homestyle hot spot

Courtney Linde

Imagine yourself waking up an a Saturday or Sunday morning after a very long evening the night before, and all you want is a large stack of pancakes or a protein-filled cheese omelet.

Everyone is too lazy to cook, and the campus breakfasts are just not looking appetizing.

The first thought that I am sure would appear in a majority of people’s minds is, “Let’s go to Minellas!”

Not that Minella’s is a poor choice, but I think it is time that all Villanova students experience a charming breakfast place in nearby Wayne, Pa. This little treasure is called Nudy’s.

I was first introduced to Nudy’s by a group of friends in the early fall.

It seemed to be a place that they frequently dined, and I quickly became interested, as breakfast is my favorite meal.

The next day, I found myself enjoying an omelet on the back patio of this adorable establishment, which is situated in an older house just off busy Lancaster Avenue.

Although this may be a new restaurant to add to my list of places to dine, it is anything but a secret to the residents of the Main Line.

There is sure to be a wait for a table on a weekend.

However, if you have the patience to wait it out, I promise that it will not be a waste of time.

The menu includes a variety of choices, ranging from a goat cheese and roasted red pepper egg-white omelet to a stack of banana pancakes.

Also, there is no need to worry about leaving feeling unsatisfied because the portions are extremely generously sized.

The wait staff is friendly, and the food is delivered shortly after ordering.

And for all of you coffee addicts a waitress is always walking around refilling cups. I left breakfast feeling satisfied and eager to bring more people to experience Nudy’s.

As I exited the restaurant, I had a brief moment where I felt as if I were leaving breakfast at the Jersey shore, as it has a similar environment to that of a beach breakfast outing.

Nudy’s is located at 292 E Conestoga Road.

Make one of your New Year’s resolutions to broaden your breakfast horizons and experience Nudy’s.