The WiseCat

Tina Lamsback

Dear WiseCat,

I always walk outside my door with sunglasses on and then there is a sudden downpour. With the weather changing every five minutes, how am I supposed to dress appropriately?


Wanting to be Très Chic

Dear Wanting to be Très Chic,

My guy Bill Blass once said, “Sometimes the eye gets so accustomed that if you don’t have a change, you’re bored. It’s the same with fashion, you know. And that, I suppose, is what style is about.”

Blass is so right. I know it might be annoying going day to day with the wrong accessories, but let’s be real for just one minute. Everyone needs a little bit of change in weather and clothing from time to time.

There are so many different types of people when it comes to fashion. After all, your clothes should be an outlet for your personality.

I say be prepared! Wake up in the morning and a) go on your computer and check the weather, b) look outside your window and c) even go as far as maybe walking outside to make sure the computer isn’t giving you false info. Crazy? Not if you don’t want to be wearing the wrong ensemble. I know everyone is going to say this is common sense, but some people just don’t check!

Next, go to the closet and prepare to take on Mother Nature. If you want to wear a T-shirt on a day where cold weather might rear its ugly head, wear a cute cardigan and place a jacket in your bag. As for what to do with sunglasses when it might rain, definitely rock them on your head and quickly switch to the umbrella that you also have stored for the on-the-go gal like yourself. Lastly, do the UGGs god a favor and spray those precious boots! There is nothing worse than getting those comfy shoes ruined.

If you end up wearing the wrong ensemble, it’s not the end of the world. Just walk with confidence. Without a doubt, the person next to you won’t think twice about what you have on and will only be worrying if their new creation was weather acceptable.

Always, Tina