10 Totally Random Questions with…

Karen Damara

1. What courses are you teaching this semester?I teach one course per semester – Theology 1050, an introduction to Christian theology, which is the prerequisite for all the upper-level theology courses.

2. Where does your love for theology spring from? Well, as a student at Georgetown, I became involved with the music program for the chapel there, and the approach to the Masses challenged my childhood approach to God. As I got to know more professors and priests, I began to realize that there was something more to God than the devotional aspects that I had always learned. So in my sophomore year, I took a History of Christian Worship course. I was amazed at how the Christian tradition developed and how “wordly” the Christian faith really was, particularly the Roman Catholic faith. And that’s how it started.

3. Since you went to both Georgetown and Villanova, who do you cheer for: the Wildcats or the Hoyas?I’m in the unique position to be able to root for Villanova but have someone else to root for when Villanova is not doing too well. But I always cheer for Villanova if the game is between Villanova and Georgetown, despite the fact that Patrick Ewing Sr. was one of my classmates.

4. What are your responsibilities as associate director of Campus Ministry?I’m primarily responsible for the Pastoral Music Program, which is the largest music group on campus with currently 96 singers and instrumentalists. I also have pastoral responsibilities in the office, like being part of the team of campus ministers that is always on call for student emergencies. I’m also on the Campus Ministry Liturgy Committee. I just finished a three-year appointment as director of the Campus Ministry Leadership Institute, which is a national leadership training conference.

5. What is your favorite cartoon show?My favorite cartoon show right now is “SpongeBob” – the earlier episodes. They had an intelligent undertone.

6. What quote would you like to have up on your refrigerator?”Play like a champion today.”

7. What’s one book you think everyone should read?I would say the Bible. Unfortunately, the Bible is often read in a way which distorts the substance of the text. The substance of the Bible is “dangerous” because it calls for change, which is a danger to those who are too comfortable with the way things are.

8. If you knew this was your last day to live, what would you do?I would spend the day at home, gathered around the table with my wife and children, eating our favorite meal and laughing.

9. Is there any world issue that you’re concerned about right now? What concerns me is that the United States, as a nation, is losing or has lost its ability to be a force for good among the other nations of the world. And without that anchor, we can fall into another violent period of human history where there’s no clear common purpose for the world.

10. What song do you have stuck in your head right now?Right now? I don’t have one. The person following me around with my theme music has the day off. But lately, I’ve had this hymn tune, which is of uniquely American origin, called “Azmon.”