Bridget Halligan and Allison Webb

Amanda Doyle

When student body presidential candidate Bridget Halligan was asked how her daily routine has changed since the start of her campaign, she proudly said that she no longer checked Facebook. Unless, of course, she was checking the Bridget and Allison 2010 fan page.

“We broke the 500 mark today,” Halligan said. “It’s very exciting and a big day for us.”

Excitement is an understatement for Halligan and her vice presidential candidate, Allison Webb. 

You may recognize the candidates from their bright and sunny yellow shirts — reflective of their demeanor — that the members of their over 30-person campaign team have been donning lately.

This enthusiasm draws on the first portion of their campaign slogan, “Proven passion.” 

Both juniors have been on Student Government Association since their freshman year, which is when they met each other. 

Since then, they have become integral parts of SGA. Webb was the assistant chair for the Student Concerns and Issues Committee sophomore year. Currently, Webb is the chair of the Dining Services Committee and Halligan is the chair of Student Ideas and Solutions.

That doesn’t mean that they stay in their respective committees, though. Halligan and Webb involve themselves in different aspects of Villanova and SGA.

“I think that we have evolved to be the two go-to people on SGA,” Webb said. “People know that they can come to us when they need people at events. We’re both the chairs of our own committees, so it’s not required of us to go to other committees’ events. But any event that pops up, Bridget and I have gone. We never feel obligated to go to an event, but we go because we enjoy it.”

They proved their passion when they were called on to help out after the earthquake hit Haiti.

“We started a fund called ‘Nova Nation’s Project Haiti,” Halligan said. “We made ribbons and sold them for three days. We also have one Villanova graduate from 2001 whose communication company has been holding fundraisers for us. We were the ones that got there at 7 a.m., got the table, made the ribbons. We do complete projects from start to finish.”

The candidates are now working on a project to create a solution for off-campus housing, which is part of their campaign. They are currently collaborating with Google Maps and UNIT in order to create a composite of all the available student-approved houses, along with information about landlords.

“It would keep landlords honest, and students would know what housing is out there,” Halligan said. “It will open up opportunities and keep things transparent.”

They also want to improve the advising process, which they see as inconsistent.

“We want to create a training program for the advisers — a meeting or conference that they have to go to once a year — so they are up-to-date with the curriculum,” Webb said. “Also, we want to introduce a peer advising program to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. The engineering as well as the business school already have them, so we want to make that something consistent across campus.”

Halligan and Webb display the second part of their slogan, “Constant commitment,” through their actions and their attitudes. They have been involved in SGA since freshman year, and they will continue to be involved no matter what. For now, they are focused on their campaign and getting their word out across campus.

“We really want to stand out,” Webb said. “We are the only ticket that has been on SGA, so we will get things done. But just because we are on student government doesn’t mean we think that is the overarching organization on campus.”

“We’re all here for a reason bigger than ourselves,” Halligan said. “We’re in it for the long-run. We’re not doing this because we want to be in charge. We’re doing this because we care about the path SGA is going to take next year and the success of it.”