CAT to reveal first-ever holiday concert artist

Kelsey Ruane

The date, location, artist and ticket price of Campus Activities Team’s first-ever Save the Holidays Benefit Concert will be announced tonight at 6 p.m. at Live Music Thursday in Belle Air Terrace.

Within a week after this year’s Hoops Mania event, a function with which CAT is unaffiliated, CAT received e-mails from two students complaining that Hoops Mania did not represent what the University stands for or coincide with its mission of charitable giving, according to sophomore Noelle Polce, concert co-director for CAT.

The vision for the holiday concert, which is intended to place importance not on the artist, but on helping local children, came about from those e-mails, according to Polce.

Nevertheless, Polce described the artist as “bigger” than any recent performer the University has had. 

The concert will benefit the Randy Foye Foundation and the North Light Community Center in Manayunk, with which the University has had a partnership through the RUIBAL program.

Randy Foye, ’06 graduate and former Villanova basketball player, has worked to help children in his hometown of Newark, N.J. through his foundation.