Taylor Swift: pop queen and true Hollywood role model

Danielle Bissonette

Beautiful, talented and at the top of her game—that’s Taylor Swift for you. 

With “1989” set to reach over a million copies sold in its first week, it’s pretty obvious she must be doing something right. 

Yet as one of the few positive role models in our pop culture she fields more hate than almost anyone. Why? 

Because Taylor Swift doesn’t actually do anything wrong, the media struggles to come up with juicy headlines about her. 

They seem to think her lunch date with a movie star and who her new song is about are more important than the millions of dollars she’s donating to NYC public schools this month or the hundreds of sick children she visited in the hospital last month. 

And are we really going to sit here and bash a girl whose worst faults are dating and writing emotional songs? Isn’t dating what you’re supposed to do at her age?  

Not to mention the fact that most artists write about their lives and their feelings—that’s how they produce a good record. 

Musicians like Ed Sheeran and Adele write songs about people all the time and you don’t see them taking any of the flack that Swift takes on a daily basis. 

Why is it okay for them and not for her? 

Oh yeah, because Swift has no sex tapes or scandals and isn’t constantly stumbling out of nightclubs, so instead we pick on her for basically being herself. 

The double standard is almost laughable. 

But the thing is, she’s just like us. When she’s not selling out stadiums or attending the hottest Hollywood parties she’s at home playing with her cats or baking with friends.

 She says she spends her off nights sitting on her couch watching “Law and Order.” Sounds pretty similar to my Netflix-filled nights. 

What I’m saying is that Swift is one of the most positive influences of our time. 

She’s not just an A-list celebrity, she’s an A-list person. 

She does tons of charity work, dresses modestly and really takes an interest in her fans.

 She’s spent millions of dollars and even more time helping others, so much so that she was named 2013’s most charitable celebrity. 

She built an education center in the Country Music Hall of Fame, wrote a song about and donated its proceeds to childhood cancer, had an entire benefit concert tour and has made hundreds of Make-A-Wish wishes come true, among many other things. 

Put that in your headlines.

And not only that, when she says she cares about her fans, she actually means it. 

What celebrity do you know who would invite fans to her house to listen to a new album before it was released? 

Yup, Taylor Swift did. 

With the “1989” Secret Sessions, Swift invited 89 fans to each of her houses for an album listening party where not only did she play them her record and let them hold her Grammys, she even cooked for them herself. 

Not to mention the countless ways she surprises her fans every day with things like a sweet note on Instagram to a fan who was bullied or surprising a fan at her wedding shower. 

Another unique thing about Swift is the way she’s achieved her success. 

Never once have we seen her traipsing around stage half naked singing about sex—for that matter, we’ve barely ever heard her swear. The thing is she doesn’t need all that.

Her music speaks for itself. 

Her lyrics are meaningful and connect her with fans of all ages and walks of life. 

She doesn’t need to twerk, sing about anacondas, or go on stage in her bra like most of the women currently dominating the music scene do. 

And the release of her new entirely pop album will put her in direct competition with pop queens like Katy Perry, Miley and Ariana Grande. 

Odds are she’ll still be able to dominate without reducing herself to their suggestive lyrics, minimal clothing and club-worthy moves. 

My point is, instead of hating on Swift, we should be thanking her. 

Wouldn’t you rather the little girls you know look up to someone with so much class and self-respect? 

Wouldn’t you prefer she learn to “Shake it Off” rather than “Bang Bang”? 

She’s teaching girls to stay innocent rather than encouraging them to compromise themselves for cheap attention. Swift is not only a great role model, but an example of how all celebrities should strive to be. 

Nowadays, celebrities and Hollywood stars espouse negativity to their fans with their careless public behavior. Scandals are ripe within Hollywood and it is difficult to find a public figure like Taylor Swift that sends a positive message to her followers. 

So haters, choose a new target, because Taylor Swift is here to stay.