Masks Are Back


Courtesy of Villanova University

University President Rev. Peter M. Donohue OSA Ph.D. send students an email addressing the rise in COVID-19 cases on Friday. 

Cate McCusker, Co-Editor in Chief

On Friday afternoon, the Villanova community received an email from University President Rev. Peter M. Donohue OSA Ph.D. “implementing enhanced mitigation efforts effective immediately.”

“All community members, regardless of vaccination status, are asked to wear masks when inside classrooms and/or any campus buildings that are open to the public,” the email said.

The email clarified that masks are not needed when eating or drinking, alone in a private space, or outdoors. Students also do not have to wear masks in their residence halls, but Donohue warned that this may change.

Even with 95% of the community vaccinated, the University is still struggling with a rise in Covid-19 cases. Since Aug. 17, there have been 66 cumulative cases, with 35 residential students, 23 non-residential students and 8 employees, according to the University’s Covid-19 Campus Dashboard.

Surveillance testing will also increase starting Wednesday, Sept. 8.

“Our surveillance testing will now include a randomized sample of community members, regardless of vaccination status,” the email said.

In a video included in the email, Donohue addressed the Villanova community on the rise in cases.

“It’s wonderful to have all of you back and to see this campus brimming with activity,” Donohue said. “And yes, COVID is back with us as well.”

Donohue explained the new mitigation efforts and stated that the University will assess the next steps for the community following Family Weekend, which will be Sept. 17-19.

“We want a healthy semester for all Villanovans. We’ve done this before, and we can do it again,” he said before putting on a mask.

“Masks on, V’s up, and have a safe Labor Day weekend.”