A Capella Groups Perform for Family Weekend


Courtesy of NBT Instagram

Members from Nothing But Treble pose before their performance.

Lauren Kourey

On Friday, Sept. 17, Villanova hosted an a Cappella showcase for Family Weekend. The University’s eight groups (Nothing But Treble, Haveners, Spires, Minor Problem, Sirens, Vocal Minority, Supernovas and Measure Up) each performed a selection of songs on Mendel Field. 

The night’s setlist included songs from Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Billy Joel, as each of the eight groups were asked to choose two songs to sing. Students’ families from all years came out to watch the performance. 

After holding a Cappella auditions just last week, new members were expected to learn their groups’ songs within a couple of rehearsals. Izzy Dassow, a freshman in the group Nothing But Treble, remarked how she’s happy to have found her “little crew” through A Cappella and loved being able to perform for her family, even while in college. 

“Since joining A Cappella, I’ve been able to make friends with upperclassmen, and I’ve even met girls in my own dorm building,” Dassow said. 

Because of COVID-19 and the accompanying restrictions on campus last year, many upperclassmen were glad to perform at the showcase once again. Seamus Daniello, a junior from the group Spires, spoke of how “it was great being back on the stage. I felt so happy being able to perform again, especially since we haven’t had a true A Cappella event since my freshman year.” 

“A Cappella is back and better than ever,” said senior Vocal Minority member Daniel Gorman. “It felt awesome getting to welcome our new members at such an exciting and engaging performance.”

The same eight groups are performing again on Friday, Sept. 24 to raise money for the University’s Special Olympics.