In Father Peter’s recent email, he thanked those staff members who worked during winter storm Jonas to keep students on campus safe and well fed. The students were just that—despite the two feet of snow that fell on the region over the weekend. To say that the University handled the storm well is an understatement.  

Many other colleges in the area did not prepare for and handle the storm as well as the University did. There have been reports of complete closures of dining options on some campuses, leaving students to fend for themselves. This would be especially difficult for students living in dorms on campus who do not have kitchens.

This was not the case here. Even in the height of the storm, multiple dining options remained open on the University’s campus. Facilities worked tirelessly to clear the snow and public safety remained active. This was all achieved despite the obvious impediments to transportation posed by the snow. For over 24 hours, nearly every transportation mode was shut down: SEPTA, Uber, and Lyft were not functioning.  Even the ever-busy Lancaster Avenue was eerily empty.

The University’s success in handling the storm likely lies in its preparation.  Well before the storm hit, there was already talk of University staff staying on campus overnight as a precaution. Many staff members were kind enough to spend part of their weekend away from their families on the University’s campus in order to ensure the students’ comfort. The University and its staff did not owe students the quality of service it provided during the storm.  It went above and beyond in handling the dilemma presented by this weekend’s weather.