Joe Rogan’s COVID Cocktail is Extremely Problematic

Rachel Reiniger, Staff Writer

Joe Rogan, host of the extremely popular “Joe Rogan Experience” Spotify exclusive podcast and former UFC Commentator, tested positive for COVID-19 after telling his fans to not get vaccinated. Following his trip to Florida, Rogan explained that he had a fever and sweats, deciding to isolate in a separate wing of his $14.4 million dollar home in Austin, Texas before testing positive the following day.

From the start of the pandemic, Rogan has spread constant Coronavirus misinformation, insisting that COVID-19 is no worse than the flu and infamously telling Bill Burr that wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus is “for b****es.”

Despite not receiving a vac- cine and struggling with the illness, Rogan did not take back his controversial stance on FDA approved vaccinations. Instead, he reassured his audience that there’s a simple and quick way to beat the virus without vaccines. Medical professionals should listen up because I’m sure you’ll learn something new from the “Joe Rogan Experience.”

How did Rogan beat COVID-19 so quickly without a vaccine? It wasn’t by the sheer healthy lifestyle he previously stood by. In fact, he said he “threw the kitchen sink” at the illness. Rogan’s miracle COVID-19 potion includes ivermectin, large amounts of Vitamin C, multiple IV drips and monoclonal antibodies. Ivermectin, a drug normally used as a veterinary deworming agent, has already been warned against and is not backed by the FDA, with a lack of scientific evidence linking it to COVID-19. In fact, the drug is only FDA recommended for humans to treat parasitic worms. The FDA blatantly warns, “Using these products in humans could cause serious harm.”

While Rogan was prescribed this medication somehow, its accessibility is extremely limited, leaving Rogan idolizers to buy the drug in livestock supply stores. Yes, you heard that right: people are buying medicine intended for horses as a makeshift DIY Rogan COVID-19 cocktail. Monoclonal antibodies, the drug former President Donald Trump received to fight coronavirus, are backed by the FDA. However, they are not a replacement for vaccines. Additionally, the FDA only backs monoclonal antibody use in severe coronavirus cases with high risk patients. This is interesting because, according to Rogan, a healthy lifestyle should eliminate any risk for COVID-19 severity all together.

In summary, beating COVID-19 is fast and easy, as long as you have an entirely separate area of your $14.4 million dollar home to isolate in, along with elite connections to write prescriptions for animal deworming agents and medicine that people suffering with severe cases of COVID-19 are trying to obtain. In his own words, “What’s crazy is look how better I got. I got better pretty quick.” That is crazy.

Forget the family members and friends lost to COVID-19 or the small businesses struggling because of a pandemic. Rogan says getting the virus is really just “a nice, legit solid excuse where I don’t have to do anything.” It’s weird that I haven’t heard anyone in the scientific community describe the virus as a restful vacation.

Rogan’s response to COVID-19 is irresponsible, out of touch and just stupid. It’s a slap in the face to healthcare professionals, who Rogan attributes to his recovery and thanks for his treatment. I will never understand why he continues to have such a massive audience. The “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast is not only overrated, but it’s a slippery slope to dangerous right- wing ideology and propaganda.

For anyone still teetering between Rogan fandom and vaccinations, I urge you to not take medical advice from a guy who is a die-hard fan of Alpha Brain pills.