The Case of the Stolen V



Dr. Horner

I have been riding a scooter around campus for the last 12 years. For the last 8 of those years I have had a large magnetic Villanova “V” on the side of the scooter. I put in there to show my allegiance and love of the school. Yesterday (April 10) outside of Bartley, the V was stolen for the first time in eight years. I know why it was stolen. Villanova pride is at an all-time high right now. Everyone is showing their “Vs.” I get it. It’s fun. But why steal something to show how much you love Villanova? This is a question that I discussed many times with my students over the last week: why is it that people want to do destructive harmful things to celebrate? I have my theories, but frankly at this point they don’t do me any good. I have lost my “V” and I want it back. I don’t even think they make these large magnetic Vs anymore…

I need your help. If you are the one that took the V, can you please put it back on my scooter? No questions asked. Even if I see you putting it back on I will not judge. I will simply thank you and move on. If the person that stole my V puts it on their car or in their room, I give rest of the Villanova community permission to confront the ‘thief’, ‘steal’ it on my behalf, and put it back on my scooter. Leave some sort of contact information so I can thank you. Chances are, if you have seen my ‘V’ emerge in the last couple of days then it’s likely that it was stolen from my scooter.

Please can you help? Remember, any one person can steal a magnet, but it takes a village to raise a V.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Horner