Trump supporters to blame for prevailing fear

Minal Patel

Eight years ago, with the election of President Barack Obama, America saw a transformation of beliefs and values to being more accepting and open hearted. On Tuesday, the election of a man that goes against this way of thinking, in more ways than one, completely dismantled all hopes of progression for those who have historically been fighting for their most basic rights as human beings. The voices of minorities, immigrants, members of the LGBTQ community, African-Americans, refugees, the handicapped and women were essentially deemed nonexistent. None of these groups are represented by Donald Trump, who was elected by an America that chose to turn a blind eye to blatant racism and flagrant sexual assault. With the recent injustices faced by these people all over the country, whether it be through violence or racial slurs, it is terrifying to see this taking place even on our own campus. The racist remarks shouted from windows to friends who don’t fit the mold of white men reflects a country who cannot see that America was already great for what it is, a place that was known for embracing diversity. It doesn’t matter how good Trump’s policies are for the United States because electing a man who is unable to envision a future where women have the same rights as men and African-Americans are treated with the respect they deserve is putting a stop to any progress that could have been achieved. 

I should not have to fear being out late at night or being among people who outwardly support Trump. And yet, I do more than ever before. I fear those who wholeheartedly believe that they are better than me because of the way they look. I fear those who believe that there are no consequences for men who sexually assault women. I fear the people who are shaping this country into a place of hatred. Making uneducated, hurtful comments has always been an issue, but when these are the very things that the future president of the United States has repeatedly said, it is difficult to even hope for a better future. The absurdity of building a wall between two countries represents a nation so obsessed with laws and regulations that compassion towards mankind has ceased being an essential. 

America let the people who mattered the most in this election down, and overcoming this hopelessness should under no circumstances involve accepting Trump as the only option because this was not an ordinary election. America was not voting for a better foreign policy, a stronger economy or improved health care. The ballot was between choosing a candidate who fought for equality and one who can’t bare to see progress for everyone regardless of their skin color, sexual orientation or background. Those who thought it was acceptable to pick the latter are to blame for the violence that has swept the nation in the last week. Even those who voted for Trump in a pure protest of Hillary Clinton, cannot be said to have used their moral judgment. In fact, they chose to live in a country that for the next four years will be run by a man who is only trying to “make America great again” for white men. Those in support of Trump and those filled with ignorance are trying to pacify the American public by asking them to give him a chance. This is giving Trump the opportunity to go on sexually assaulting women, discriminating against African-Americans, using ethnicity to question the ability of one to do his job, endorsing racial instigators and allowing violence against minorities. We wouldn’t want such a man to be our professor or relative, why are we allowing him to lead what is already the greatest country in the world? No longer are we fighting to elect the right person to office. Now, we are fighting to educate an America that has chosen to oppress the very people who have been pivotal to its glory as a nation. The most difficult part will be yelling to have our voices heard in a country that continues to drown them out by letting Trump justify injustice. However, if there ever were a country that is known to stand up for what is right, the United States of America stands at the forefront no matter who believes they can get in the way of equality for every person. Demeaning every minority, immigrant, member of the LGBTQ community, African-American, refugee, disabled person and woman by electing Trump is an act of unintelligence and disrespect for the basic human rights of an individual.