Villanova students pride themselves on their altruism and dedication to making the world a better place through programs like service break trips. Although these trips are an incredible opportunity, it is also important to remember that there are other forms of service that are more accessible, like weekly service commitments through COV and RUIBAL. However, no matter how you choose to contribute, make sure that you are truly benefitting others. Consider your actions and if the resources available to you could be used in a more beneficial and influential way. 

We urge you to reexamine your intentions concerning service, as well. Be sure that you are going into these various opportunities for the right reasons. Strive to promote the welfare of others in a purely selfless manner. And as one of our staff members, Dyala Kasim, wrote this week, you should be approaching each service opportunity “without pity or preconception, but with a completely open mind and open heart.”     

As we mentioned last week, Villanova instills in our students many values and traits that will be utilized far beyond our college years. Our affinity for service is one of those ideals. Make sure you are preparing a pure and intentional foundation for that lifestyle through the service opportunities that you are participating in now.