Letter to the Editors: Republicans have a place on campus

Letter to the Editors: Republicans have a place on campus

Letter to the Editors: Republicans have a place on campus

Executive Board College Republicans of VU

When the first issue of National Review was published, its founder William F. Buckley Jr. wrote, “it stands athwart history yelling Stop, at a time when no one is inclined to do so or have much patience with those who so urge it.” Today, on college campuses across the nation, very little patience is shown for conservative students who are accused of standing athwart the social justice movement and the prevailing liberal political culture. These conservative students—these “non-licensed non-conformists”—need a platform to express and discuss their principles. The College Republicans of Villanova University is that platform.

Villanova College Republicans will create an environment at Villanova where conservative students can feel free to express their opinions freely and vigorously without fear of intimidation. To this end, we as an organization will speak loudly in defense of our liberties, our capitalist system, our American way of life, our Judeo-Christian values, our Republican candidates, our Constitution and our president. We will show the quiet conservatives at Villanova that many—if not most—of their classmates agree with them. We will foster the growth of a campus where conservatives do not feel outnumbered or fear being ostracized. 

Villanova College Republicans see it as our responsibility to defend and advance the freedoms that we Americans hold dear.  Our organization will work tirelessly to expand what Thomas Jefferson called the “Empire of Liberty” within the hearts and minds of Villanova students. It will be our goal to provide Villanovans with speakers and events which remind them why the United States is the greatest country on Earth. At a time when many on the Left proclaim our nation a land of racists and homophobes, it is more important than ever that students see the United States for what it truly is, “a nation conceived in liberty” and “the last best hope for man on Earth.”

As a conservative organization at an Augustinian university, one of our primary goals must be pushing back against the pervasive trend of moral relativism. We will do our part to ensure that Villanovans graduate knowing that in this world there is such thing as right and wrong and that these concepts are absolute. Altering morality is not acceptable just because the world is different now from what it was 200 years ago. The social fashion of the moment must never be allowed to dictate morality. Villanova is an Augustinian university and so our values and morals are rooted in the core dogmas of the Church and in the word of God, making them eternal and absolute.

Lastly, our organization will work to foster unity and dialogue both as Villanovans and as Americans. We will actively combat the divisive scourge of identity politics that pits racial, religious, ethnic, gender and social groups against one another, making us less of a nation. We will foster diversity where it actually matters, in ideas.  It is our firm belief that a man is defined by his character and ideals, not by race or ethnicity. 

We believe our club will succeed in accomplishing its goals and doing what is Right. It must succeed. 

The College Republicans of Villanova University welcomes students of principle to help us accomplish our goals and do their part in preserving the nation we love.