Letter to the Editor: College Democrats’s solution starts on campus

Letter to the Editor: College Democrats’s solution starts on campus

Letter to the Editor: College Democrats’s solution starts on campus

The Villanova College Democrats is, and always has been, an organization that seeks to promote democratic ideas and values on campus. But before any political beliefs or agendas, the organization as a whole strives to foster a community of respect, tolerance and understanding. In this politically volatile time in American history, we must strive for a healthy campus culture. As a University community where “mutual love and respect should animate every aspect of university life,” as per our Mission Statement, we will strive to continue to foster respectful dialogue on issues affecting our campus and our nation more wholly.

As a board, we find ourselves compelled to publicly respond to the recent statement put forth by the College Republicans of Villanova. 

We write to let all members of the Villanova community know that regardless of race or religion, sex or orientation, nationality or legal status, that those who value the ideas of equality, opportunity, inclusiveness and diversity are near and numerous.

We will continue to fight for equality and opportunity for all Americans—a goal that has not yet been realized.

While few would doubt the greatness of the American experiment, let us not forget that for many the struggle for human rights, civil rights and other rights inherent with citizenship took centuries—and the struggle persists. Racism and homophobia, to name a mere few issues, are very real issues that our country has denied the existence of for far too long. One does not need to look far on our campus and beyond to see this plainly. To ignore the ills of our country allows us to be complicit in their perpetuation. For those who come from a place of privilege, it is often too easy to turn a blind eye to the struggle of many on campus.

We will continue to support and value inclusiveness and diversity, both on campus, as well as within our nation as a whole.

We echo the words of former First Lady Michelle Obama, who said that “it is so important to remember that our diversity has been—and will always be—our greatest source of strength and pride here in the United States.” From all over the world, from different cultures, faiths and traditions, people have come to America hoping to make our country their home. Our diverse backgrounds and experiences have shaped our national identity. Diverse ideas, in turn, come from diverse experiences. Diversity fosters inclusivity and understanding and allows us to become closer with one another. It is from our strength in diversity that we learn, we grow and we get better.

We will continue to strive for a just and moral world governed by love and compassion.

We believe there is such a thing as right and wrong. It is up to us, as students, to have the awareness to call out the wrongs, seek out the injustice and work to serve the most vulnerable among us. Our University Mission Statement calls on us to let our education be guided by an integration of love and knowledge, “with a special concern for the poor and compassion for the suffering.” 

“The long sweep of America has been defined by forward motion, a constant widening of our founding creed to embrace all, and not just some,” said Barack Obama in his Farewell Address 2017

We love our country. We care about it and each and every person in it. That’s why we ask it to be better. We ask it to be a bastion of freedom and liberty for all people. Every American has dignity and deserves our best. Those who have been subjected to hate or discrimination, those who fear for their lives and seek shelter in our country, those who experience homelessness or lack health insurance, those who feel marginalized in any way—they all deserve the dignity inherent in what it means to be an American.

This work begins with us. It begins on our campus.