Why is the Entrance of the New Pavillion Not Open to Students?


Prior to the first basketball home game in the newly renovated Finneran Pavilion, students got a message through the app that we now have to enter games through the back of the pavilion. The information came without prior warning and left many on campus wondering why. 

After the renovation, students were looking forward to experiencing the new and exciting entrance for each home game. It is a part of experiencing the new era of Villanova basketball. Many of us are unsure about what motivated the decision to re-route student fans through the back entrance of the new pavilion. 

As students on campus, we deserve an explanation for this decision. We were not warned that the student entrance would change after the renovation, so we were all excited to experience the new walkway and entrance. Although we will always support our Wildcats, the excitement and anticipation for games is slightly hindered by the unceremonious back-of-the-pavilion entrance to games.