Editorial: The Villanovan Tells You Why Your Vote Matters


The Villanovan is here to tell you that your vote matters. Possibly more now than any election you have voted in to date. As college students, we have only had a few opportunities to vote in federal elections and it just so happens that these few elections have been pivotal in influencing health care reform, immigration policy, economic policy and the polarization of our local, state and federal government. 

Your informed vote matters. It will fundamentally influence legislative processes and affect the political climate of this country. As a democratic nation, it is our responsibility to use our voices to express what we value as a nation. 

The New Yorker published a cynical view of the pending midterm elections. The title, “The Dark Certainty of the 2018 Midterms” refers to the solidyfing political polarization as moderate politicians become more rare in either party. However, our government’s ability to function also depends on the civic participation of citizens. So, your vote matters. 

Recently, the Texas Board of Education passed a decision to drop key figures of history from public school curriculum including Helen Keller, Barry Goldwater and Hillary Clinton. The ability of a board to decide who is and isn’t important in history demonstrates the power that elected members have. Therefore, voting for who sits on the board of education in your state fundamentally influences the educational experience of students for years. 

The best way to express your complaints about the political system, your representative, your values, etc., is by, casting your vote. Exercising your democratic right is the most effective way to hold your representatives accountable. 

Early voting statistics show that 36 million people have cast their vote, surpassing the 27.2 million early voters in the 2014 midterms. Politico predicts that every state will exceed its 2014 voter turnout rates. Evidence of strong voter turnout shows a new political era, one with active and informed voters. Be a part of the movement and vote!