Announcement of Newly Elected Student Body President and Executive Vice President


Patrick Treacy and Amanda Rappa

Emily Cox & Erin Gormley Co News Editors

With the conclusion of a two day voting period, Patrick Treacy and Amanda Rappa have been named the incoming Student Government Association President and Executive Vice President, respectively.

Treacy and Rappa’s campaign motto, “For a School that Works for You,” made its way to posters, shirts and Instagram posts circulated around campus. They ran on a platform that promised to improve the basketball experience for students, provide free laundry services, increase healthy food options, offer better pay for on-campus jobs and alter parking options for students.

Treacy, a junior, has served as the Director of Finance on the Executive Board. Throughout his time in this position, he created the first itemized SGA budget, attended regular meetings with the Board of Trustees Investment Committee and Budget Committee and worked to create a new budget application process for student organizations. Treacy was instrumental in the planning and execution of SGA events that required any sort of financial assistance.

Rappa, a sophomore, has spent her time at the University as a Sciences Senator in the Legislative Branch. Furthermore, she chaired the Intellectual Climate Committee on SGA and sat on the Academic Reform Committee. Additionally, she planned and executed two “Pizza with the Provost” events and started the Academic Advisory Committee which regularly met with representatives from each class. For the service of her greater community, Rappa implemented housing registration and information sessions for freshmen and worked with UNIT to improve student printing on campus.

Together, Treacy and Rappa have strived to be a resource for the Villanova community. They have worked to make a difference on campus and plan to continue their work in their new positions. Their history in student government has demonstrated a passion to create a more inclusive University community, and they have both made substantial reforms to improve transparency between students, administrators, student government and board members.

The Treacy-Rappa ticket clinched 35.16% of the 2616 votes cast. This was followed by Connor Kovacs and Katie Connolly who received 33.71% of the votes and Maura Rose and Brendan Puszcz who received 30.16% of the votes.