Suggestions for the Spit that We Know and Love

A.J. Fezza, Staff Writer

Donahue Hall, or “the Spit”is not just a dining hall, but the premier gathering place for the freshmen at Villanova. In fact, it is so well-loved that many upperclassmen go out of their way to go to South Campus and eat at this great place. Still, some improvements can be made. 

The breakfast options are not particularly large for people like me with an egg allergy. I end up eating Cheerios every single day. Cheerios actually appear to be by far the most popular cereal at the Spit, since most of the other cereals are not very well-known. I suggest that we replace some of the other cereals with more popular ones like Corn Flakes, and have at least one sugary and beloved cereal like Lucky Charms. 

The Spit brings in rotations of different cuisines from all over the world, which is one of the many reasons people enjoy eating there. Still, some cuisines are mostly skipped over. Middle Eastern food and South Asian food are among the forgotten foods (ignoring the Indian samosas that appear every few weeks). Considering that these two regions, especially South Asia, are some of the most populous areas of the world, it’s arguable that their foods deserve more representation in the Spit’s repertoire. 

East Asian food is represented fairly well. However, Korean BBQ sauce is offered at St. Mary’s for the stir fry, but not at the Spit. Because of this, it should be fairly easy for Korean BBQ sauce to be offered at the Spit as well. As for the Spit’s other sauces, some students have expressed that they want Comeback sauce to be out all the time.

Late Night is another wonder of the Spit. Students can take a break from their hard work and walk over to the Spit for a meal all the way until midnight. Unlike breakfast, lunch and dinner, though, Late Night meals count as an MPE and not a regular meal. For those such as myself with the meal plan in which only get 10 MPEs per week but you get unlimited regular meals, this means you must be careful with how often you go to Late Night. It’s not like this at all the dining halls. At Dougherty Hall, or “the Pit,” you hand in your Wildcard to the desk upon entry, and your Late Night meal can count as either a regular meal or an MPE depending on your meal plan. This is more convenient for many and should be the situation for all dining halls on campus. Also, at Late Night you are only allowed one full side. For example, you can get fries or you can get Mac and Cheese. Sometimes, this can be a bit too much of one thing. There should be an option to get a side of half of both. 

With all that said, we all love the Spit and want it to be the best it can be. If you have any personal suggestions for the Spit, remember that you can always write and submit them into the suggestion box by the computers. We must admit that the Spit is fit for some changes.