Letter to the Editor: Let’s Vote Nova



To the Editor:

The mission of the Student Government Association of Villanova University, as stated in our Constitution, is to “be representative of the interests of the entire undergraduate body in all matters,” and this idea drives everything that we do as an organization. We advocate for students, but more importantly, we seek to lift up the voices of all students on campus. As an organization, we are committed to empowering students who have the privilege of participating in our country’s democratic process to be involved by voting in local, state, and federal elections. Despite all of the attention placed on national politics, state and local politics have the most potential to directly impact your life. There may not be a presidential or congressional election this year, but the local representatives being voted on this election season make decisions every day that directly impact our community.

Villanova is more than a place that we live for a few years; Villanova is our home. As the students that call this university home, making our voices heard means having a say in who represents us. Voting in local and state elections allow us to influence the opportunities that our community and this university have.

We are not here to tell you who to vote for. We are here, however, to stress to you the importance of voting. Educate yourself about the candidates and their positions on the issues that matter to you. Encourage your friends and classmates to join you at the polls. Most importantly, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that one vote can’t make a difference, because especially in local races, every single vote counts!

This year, SGA has partnered with the Office of Student Involvement and the Office of Government and Community Relations to provide shuttles throughout the day on Election Day to give students a free and efficient way to get to the polls. For information about our Election Day initiative and general information about the election, please visit villanovasga.org/letsvotenova.

On Tuesday, November 5th, please join us in making student voices heard at the ballot box. Let’s Vote, Nova!

The Student Government Association of Villanova University