Calm Down, Everyone: Jay Wright is Not Going Anywhere

Staff Editorial

For the past week or so, there has been constant discussion regarding the future of coach Jay Wright with Villanova. This talk was mostly sparked by the announcement that Wright was selling his current home. Real estate news has become a popular tool for speculation over the moves of athletes lately, with the selling of a Massachusetts home by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady making headlines and sparking panic among fans of the team. Similarly, Wright’s announcement sparked  panic among many Villanova basketball fans. Similar to the Brady case, this is absolutely ridiculous. 

It is certainly true that there are many teams, both in the NCAA and in the NBA, that woud love to see Wright join their team. There has been significant speculation that he would be courted by the New York Knicks, however multiple sources have confirmed that, similarly to two years ago, Wright has no interest. Sure, Wright hasn’t said that the NBA will never be an option for him, but this change will not be coming any time soon.

By all indications, including the always reliable real estate gauge, Wright will be staying at Villanova for the forseeable future. His real estate agent has explained that the Wright family is merely downsizing and is even moving closer to Villanova. Jay Wright loves Villanova and always has. There are absoluetly no indications that Villanova will have a coaching change anytime soon. So please, spare everyone the drama, and appreciate the gift that keeps giving, coach Jay Wright.