Letter from the Editors: Get Registered to Vote


Courtesy of VotesPA.com

Letter from the Editors: Get Registered to Vote

Board Editorial

The November 3rd election is quickly approaching, and the dealine to get registered to vote in Pennsylvania is coming even faster. The deadline to register to vote for this coming election is Oct. 19, which means that, at the time of publishing, there is just over a month left to get registered. 

It is important to remember that students are able to register in Pennsylvania even if they are not permanent residents. Simpy use Villanova’s address (800 E Lancaster Ave., Villanova PA 19085) and write in the name of your dorm in the Apartment section of the form. Registering is simple and can be done online using votespa.com. If you do not live in Pennsylvania or otherwise do not have a Pennsylvania driver’s license, make sure that you know your social security number. In this case, it may be easier to print the physical form and mail it in.

Mail in voting is also available for the first time in Pennsylvania if you think it may be easier to vote by mail or may not have the time on Election Day to make it to the polls. Unlike voting absentee, there is no excuse required to vote by mail in Pennsylvania. If you would like a mail in ballot for this election, you can request one through the same website you would use for registration, votespa.com. There is also an option to apply for a mail in ballot at the end of the online voter registration application if you are already registering to vote.

Getting registered to vote is the easiest and most basic thing you can do to enact the change you wish to see in our country. Every election is incredibly important, and if we want to make sure that student voices are heard in Washington, it is imperative that we get registered to vote and turn out to vote on Election Day, November 3rd. 

If you are not registered and are above the age of 18 (or will be by November 3rd), you need to get registered as soon as you can. Further, make sure you are checking with friends, or even family members, to ensure that they are registered as well. You will be surprised at the amount of students who aren’t yet registered if you start asking around; do not simply assume that your friends are registered to vote because you’ve spoken about politics with them.