Letter From the Editors: It’s Time to Recommit to The CARITAS Commitment and Put Community First

Letter From the Editors: It’s Time to Recommit to The CARITAS Commitment and Put Community First

Courtesy of Villanova University

Letter From the Editors: It’s Time to Recommit to The CARITAS Commitment and Put Community First

Board Editorial

This weekend, we added over 25 new cases at the University, a number which continues to climb as this week continuing. At the time of writing, we are up to 71 active cases, which nearly doubles the total amount of cases that we have experienced on campus so far this semester. With this in mind, it seems that it is time for many in our community to be reminded of the Community First pledge we all agreed to this semester.

If we continue adding cases at the rate we are, there is absolutely no question that the school will have to take preventative actions to stop the spread of COVID-19, up to and including sending us home. For anyone who doubts this, our fellow Philadelphia school, Temple University, has already sent their students online for the remainder of the semester and has put incentives in place for students to return home. The University has not ruled this option out, if it becomes necessary to protect our community.

We are all responsible for protecting one another from COVID-19 this semester. This means, especially now, that if you have become complacent in following the guidelines, it is time to ensure that you are diligently following all of the guidelines listed to the left. 

Particularly, we absoltuely have to make sure that we are not hosting or attending large gatherings or parties of any kind. The school has recently sent emails to members of the Community First Student Committee, with messages to pass on to all student organizations on campus. Administrators have had meetings with groups involved with Greek Life, Student Involvement and other areas of the University.

While we are not pointing fingers, as the rise in cases is the result of many decisions from many different students, it is well known that there has been an uptick in social activity off-campus over the past two weeks. It is certainly not exclusive to one or two organizations hosting gatherings, so we all need to make sure that we are holding one another accountable.

Whether you are a member of any group or campus organization that is planning to host a party, or have heard about any being planned, it is your duty to advise people to cancel the party, or not attend it if it is still being hosted. 

Moving forward, we cannot allow ourselves or our peers to become relaxed about preventing the spread of COVID-19. This virus is dangerous, if not to you then to your professors, classmates, and the staff that helps make this community what it is. We, as an Editorial Board sincerely hope that everyone remembers the necessity of our continued commitment to the greater Villanova community. 

While this semester has not been perfect, it assuredly beats taking Zoom classes from home for the remainder of this year. Please, everyone, keep CARITAS in mind this, and every, weekend.